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Certified translation agency in Cluj-Napoca

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI is a certified translation agency operating since 2005, composed of a team of translators certified by the Ministry of Justice, who perform translations in a wide variety of fields.

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI agency offers specialized and certified translation services to companies, corporations, institutions, organizations, medical offices, law firms, individuals etc.:

• Technical translations

• Legal translations

• Economic and financial, insurance and accounting translations, as well as translations for banks, insurance agencies

• Translations of academic documents

• Medical translations

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI CLUJ provides high quality translations thanks to the experience, professional skills and attention paid to every client in particular.

By choosing INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI for the translation services you need, you will enjoy numerous benefits and advantages:

• discounts and rates unchanged during our partnership, with the possibility of extending it:

• you will be informed in advance about the translation costs and you will know how much you have to pay for the services;

• delivery time always tailored to the client request;

• your translations will be made even on non-working days;

• if you have very urgent translations, you can count on us;

• we translate a large number of pages in a short period of time, thanks to the cooperation with specialized translators.

• Prioritization of your translations:

• being a loyal client of INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI, your documents are translated on a priority basis;

• we provide translators to work exclusively for your translations.

• flexible payment methods

• we accept payment in installments during the translation process of your documents;

• you can pay by bank transfer without having to come to our office;

• free delivery to your headquarters of the documents translated.

• confidentiality of your personal data and information.

• your private information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent;

• the possibility of concluding a non-disclosure agreement.

• translation quality guaranteed by the Declaration of Conformity or by contract;

• attention to details, rigorous checking, thorough research and documentation in the translation process;

• we comply with the  European quality standards and SR EN15038, a quality standard developed especially for translation services providers .


INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI CLUJ provides technical translations, legal translations, economic, banking and financial translations, medical translations to / from the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek.