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Interpreting services in Cluj-Napoca

An important aspect of the sworn interpreter’s activity is the simultaneous or consecutive translation.

This special service is provided by interpreters who posses solid and vast knowledge of language, topic, vocabulary, grammar and skills to quickly adapt to various situations that can occur during simultaneous / consecutive interpretation, precision, attention, accuracy, versatility.

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI agency provides interpretation services for various events:

– Business meetings

– Conferences and symposia;

– Marriage ceremonies;

– Conclusion of deeds at the notary public offices;

For these interpretation services INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI agency provides interpreters who will go to the location of your event.

To respond promptly to your request, please contact us in advance – at least one week before the date on which you need the interpretation. In this way we can put together all the necessary details for the success of your event.