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Legal translations are special, particular thanks to a unique aspect: during the translation process, the INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI translators perform not only an act of translation, i.e. an information transfer from one language to another, but at the same time they draft a deed with judicial value and legal consequences. Any error in the translation, any escape, no matter how small or insignificant as may seem can lead to serious consequences. Therefore the translation must be complete, accurate, precise, correct.

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI team of translators who perform legal translations:

– Have thorough knowledge of legal terminology;

– Know the target language (language of the translation) at professional level;

– Have professional experience in the legal field;

– Master the rules used in legal translations;

– Collaborate with competent specialists in the legal field: law professors, notaries, attorneys-at-law.

Legal translations are characterized by specific terms, being very specialized, scientific and precise, often using a number of standard wording and officially recognized preset patterns. Legal translations require the equivalence of sense: terms, notions and concepts, message and meaning.

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI agency provides legal translations of:

– Sale-purchase agreements, life-income agreements, real-estate exchange agreements, loan agreements, lease agreements, performance bonds, and various other types of agreements;

– Laws;

– Codes;

– Rules;

– Regulations;

– General power of attorney, proxies on the alienation of movable or immovable property, mortgage of immovable property or pledge of goods, special power of attorney etc.;

– Statements;



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