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Technical translations

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI provides technical translations in different specialized fields:

– Wood industry: furniture, wood processing, wooden products, machinery, paper and cardboard, finished products, pallets, wood recycling;

– Chemistry: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, theoretical chemistry;

– Construction: roofing, interior design, architecture, automation, land registry, sewerage, central heating, air conditioning, consolidation, decorations, equipment, front walls, foundations, warehouses, insulation, prefabricated products, repairs, structures, devices;

– Engineering: mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, agronomy, computer aided engineering, electronic engineering textbooks, strength of materials, software and engineering services;

– Electrical: theories, principles, techniques, electrical and electronic measurements;

– Electronics: materials, circuits, systems, microwave, devices;

– Medicine: surgery, dentistry, psychology and psychiatry, pharmacology, medical research, veterinary medicine, phytomedicine;

– Food industry: machinery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bakery, meat and meat products, dairy products, oils;

– Textile industry: trade, textile finishing, garments, shoes, labels, textile printing, accessories.

Technical translations require not only language skills but also thorough knowledge in the field of the translated document. Technical translations are one of the most complex branches of translation, the terminological consistency is essential, every notion, concept and expression must be translated using a unitary style and vocabulary, complying with the filed standards.

Technical translations made by INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI are performed by translators with at least 4 years of experience in the technical field, possessing vast knowledge in this field, who master the art of translation, documentation and research. Thanks to this team of translators specialized in technical field, we will always offer quality translations.

Furthermore, technical translations have certain features that INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI translators always comply with during the translation process in order to obtain optimal results: compliance with the rules of language, grammatical correctness, avoiding subjective wording, neutral accents, unambiguous vocabulary, few synonyms, no homonyms, the use of international neologisms, precision, clarity, accuracy of information and use of specialized jargon.

We are aware of how important is the technical documentation, and this is why the technical translations made by INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI always adapt to customer requirements, maintaining the format, layout, color schemes etc. of the original document. To ensure a quality translation, we accept various file types: doc,. jpeg,. pdf,. cdr,. indd, .ai


Technical translations provided by INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI include:

– Estimates;

– Offers;

– User’s Guides;

– Operating Instructions

– Medical Equipment Guides;

– Brochures, leaflets, treaties;

– Websites.


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