Romana English


Translation rates


1. English: prices starting from 15 ron / page

2. French: prices starting from 15 ron / page

3. Spanish: prices starting from 15 ron / page

4. Italian: prices starting from 15 ron / page

5. German: prices starting from 16 ron / page

6. Hungarian: prices starting from 18 ron / page

7. Greek: prices starting from 35 ron / page


Prices starting from 100 ron / hour.

These rates are for reference purposes only and refer to general translations. Technical and medical translations require separate and individual quotations.

A standard translation page is calculated at 2000 characters with spaces, about 300 words per page (Microsoft Word – Tools – Word Count – Characters with Spaces / Words).

Standard documents (diplomas, certificates etc.) are calculated by physical page.

Urgent translations or translations made during non-working days will be quoted individually, depending on the level of difficulty and the number of pages.

For correcting / revising the translations which were performed by other translators who are not part of our team, the prices are 20% lower than those charged for translations performed by our translators.

Also, INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI offers discounts for:

– A large amount of documents or pages (50 pages)

– Loyal customers who use our services regularly

For a more accurate and complete assessment of the price, please send us the documentation you want to translate and we will make you the best offer.

If you can’t come to our office, we provide the option of paying by bank transfer, based on electronic invoices.

For any requests, quotes or further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply promptly and professionally as soon as possible.