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Translators Team

We want to offer you the best translation services therefore we have carefully selected the translators who are ready to meet your expectations.  Thus, INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI translators have university degrees, at least 3 years of experience in the translation field and are licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice to perform translations in Romania for the Department of Public Prosecution at the Supreme Court of Justice, the Higher Council of the Judicial Magistracy, the National Anticorruption Directorate, law enforcement officials, the courts of justice, notary public offices, attorneys-at-law and Court Enforcement Officers.

Furthermore, INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI team works with terminologists, proofreaders, philologists and native speakers to ensure best quality services.

Moreover, technical and specialty translations are reviewed by specialists in the subject matter, who revise the property of the terms used in the process of translation, the accuracy and wording.

INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI agency provides quality translation services and carries out its activity in compliance with the Romanian and international standards in the field of translations:

– Our staff is selected with the utmost seriousness and rigor;

– INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI translators hold cultural, linguistic and technical competences both in the source and target language;

– INTERLINGUA TRADUCERI translators employ all the facilities necessary to deliver correct, accurate and quality translation: dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossaries, DTP resources, hardware, software;

– The documents translated are edited, checked, revised in order to avoid any errors.